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Non-academic Writing, Media Coverage and Awards
Non-academic Writing


In 2019 I wrote ‘Why Design Needs More Than Diversity’ for the Designers Speak (Up) blog. Click for article.


In 2016 I worked with artist Anne Niemetz to contextualise the project 'Drone Sweet Drone'. Click for more information.


In 2016 I wrote  ‘Is Design Fiction the New Design Thinking?’ for Design Assembly. Also published by The Big Idea. Click for article.

In 2016 I wrote  ‘Following out noses: thinking about olfactory design’ for Design Assembly. ​

In March 2014 I reviewed the exhibition 'Gleaner's Garden' at Enjoy Public Gallery in Wellington. Click for review. 

Newspaper Coverage


'Catching the capital's mood'

In 2014 I was interviewed by the Dominion Post about the Moodbank project. Click here to read article. 


'Today's ordinary item could be tomorrow's goldmine'

In 2012 I was interviewed by the Dominion Post about the future of retro style. Click here to read article.

Radio Interviews


In February 2014 I was interviewed by RadioNZ about my book 'Retro Style". Click here to listen. 


In September 2013 I interviewed for ABC Radio National about my book 'Retro Style'. Click here to listen.


In December 2012 I was interviewed for RadioLIVE in NZ about the popularity of retro style for the home. 




Inaugural Research Fellow​

In 2019 I was made a LANZ (Laureate Australia and New Zealand) Research Fellow.

Most Viewed Paper

From January 2015 to June 2018 'Advice from the Experts: How Many Qualitative Interviews is Enough' was the most viewed paper on the NCRM (National Centre for Research Methods, UK) website. It has been viewed 190,986 times. Click here for the edited collection

Most Downloaded Paper

Baker, S.E. and Edwards, R. (2012) (eds.) 'Advice from the Experts: How Many Qualitative Interviews is Enough' was downloaded 14,000 times in 2012 and was awarded the NCRM (National Centre for Research Methods, UK) prize.


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